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Life Online Pre-licensing

for Primerica Representatives

Important Note:

  • This site is for Primerica recruits who are seeking a life license by completing the ExamFX Life Online Pre-licensing course.
  • Recruits seeking Health Only license should visit

Life Online Pre-licensing for Primerica combines multimedia instruction, interactive exercises, and effective assessment tools, with concise and easy-to-understand study material. Our Learning Management System is built around the idea that your best learning occurs at the pace that's right for you.

We employ the latest web technologies to provide a dynamic learning environment that is efficient, flexible, and easy to use. Courses are always up-to-date and offer content in several learning styles so the experience can be tailored to every learner.

We offer state-specific courses that you can access anytime or anywhere with tools and features to enrich the learning experience:

  • Video chapter introductions and recaps that identify your learning objectives and the key concepts to take away.
  • Animated examples that help illustrate the most important concepts in each chapter.
  • Chapter quizzes that help you know when it's time to move on to the next chapter.
  • Practice Exams in learning mode to help you test with confidence.
  • Readiness Exam to ensure you’re ready to pass the state licensing exam.

Now that you know that online pre-licensing is right for you, enroll for your online course today!

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